It’s time to bid a nostalgic farewell to Sony‘s MiniDisc format — those of you who remember it at all, anyway. After upwards of two decades, the MiniDisc is finally on the way out: The BBC reports that Sony plans to ship its final MiniDisc stereo system in March.

The MiniDisc almost made sense in the early 1990s: Compact discs were amazingly thin, but wider in diameter than cassette tapes, which predated them by over a decade. If little analog, magnetized, write protect-notched rectangles of plastic (compact cassettes) could eventually supplant bulky eight-track tapes (Stereo 8), wasn’t a tinier compact disc the future of optical media?

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Compact discs seem positively enormous nowadays: nearly five inches in diameter, or four times the width of Apple‘s stamp-sized iPad Shuffle, which at 2 GB storage can easily hold the…

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